The Mythology of the Spirit Gods Edit

The Mythology of the Seven Spirit Gods dates back to shortly after the Twin Creators, Kazar and Kalak, decided to create their own world--and to do this they gave that world Seven deities, or SPIRIT GODS to worship, obey, and honor.

The Twin Brothers of Creation Edit

The Twin Brothers, Creators of the Spirit Gods, Kazar and Kalak, were exact opposites. Kazar was the Brother of Light, Wisdom, and Void. Kalak was the Brother of Darkness, Power, and Fire. The two combined their collective strengths to create the Six initial Spirit Gods, but upon the own growing division between the twins, Kazar, using his Great Wisdom, decided to focus his own energies into creating the "Staff of Kazar", the future weapon of Takai Riphius, and the most powerful source of Void Energies.

Kazar could feel his brother, Kalak, being overwhelmed by a growing Darkness, and despite not being able to bring harm to his twin, watched as Kalak turned two of the Spirit Gods into his own Dark Gods. Kalak also, through the last act before the Darkness had completely corrupted his own essence, created the "Twin" for the Staff of Kazar--the "Scepter of Kalak"--a powerful staff that could control and increase the energy of Pure Fire.

As the Darkness corrupted Kalak, he gave himself a new, more powerful name---"The Omega". His own energies infused and increased by the darkness, he created his OWN sons--a pair of brothers. Lonax and Tolan. Lonax, was sent to T'Roa, where under his own incredible dark sorcery, he corrupted all he could, leading to the Great War across the world. While Tolan was sent to Earth, where he took upon a life of the owner of a Bookstore in The City. Waiting for his own Brother's eventual defeat, for his own Dark powers to return.

The Spirit Gods of T'Roa Edit

There are Seven Spirit Gods of T'Roa. They represent a combination of the energies of Kazar and Kalak.