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Elemental Comics was founded in 1998 by S.A. Nathe--a life long fan of comics, cartoons, and drawing imaginative characters, and more.

Greatly inspired by 80's and 90's era classics such as the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sonic the Hedgehog, and other famous and well-loved series, Elemental Comics started as just a few sketches and ideas back in the 1990's--and by the late 90's early comics and such took shape and became the basis for the Dozen, or so, individual series and spin-offs that now make up the EC Brand's line-up. 

Starting originally with a few basic characters that eventurally became a team of freedom fighters known as the "TKs"(abbreviated from "True Kind)--Ripster, Blaster, X-Ray and Lightning--dressed and armed with typical 90's style Super Soakers, Rollerblades, and the like. Years passed and new characters were created---including Flame, a hero made entirely of fire, who was paired up with Camoflage (no "U"), who joined up with two other heroes: Speed Demon and Lock Pick. Flame, who eventually became Windfire(Our Mascot) grew into a much larger role, and led to the TRUE beginning of the "Old Generation" of the EC Brand. Other characters soon took shape, including Spontane C. (short for Spontaneously Combust)--with his allies Arm I. Tron, Striker, Rotary and Helen(Hayl'n).

Other series soon took shape--Camo: The Metallic Warrior, The Total Warriors, Takai Riphius(a spin-off of the TKs), and many other spin-offs and mini-series. Overall, the EC Brand has had upwards of a dozen Comic series, well over 400 individual issues drawn--the OLD Generation even has over 350 characters. 

Recent history includes the EC Brand's original Cartoon series on Youtube---"THE ADVENTURES OF HERO-MAN", which started the "NEW Generation" of the EC Brand. and has sparked a return to where Elemental COMICS got their start---Windfire, and the other series which will pave the way to even more comic series. and eventually more cartoons for the world to see.

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